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She is a mother, she works nine hours straight, she loves, she's angry, scared and she's very, very, very tired. She's a woman on the edge, played by Clara Segura in an original monologue by Marta Galán Sala.

Critics Award 2015 to the Best Main Actress.
Butaca Price 2016 to the Actress Clara Segura.

Pleasure and politics. I have reduced my list of priorities to these two items and I have discovered - it's taken me almost forty years - that in the theatre I can freely combine these seemingly contradictory ingredients. If the stage is a mirror, the play can be more than mere entertainment and the text contains a speech ... the actor becomes an activist. Et voilà!
Clara Segura i Conillet I've concentrated my hyperactivity and my pleasure in these two items. First, because when I was acting by her side (forgetting for the moment who this actress is and what she represents, I've been given a maximum of fifteen lines), allowing myself to be carried away by her talent, which I understood meant being in love with this job. And second, because I promised myself that after I recovered from this festival of serotonin, we would work together again some day. And as I dreamed so vividly that I wanted to direct her... now I have the chance to work with her again... and at the Lliure! Then this Bunny with Duracell batteries arrived: thanks to the life, work and grace of Marta Galán. It's the most beautiful text I had read in years. Definitive. Shocking. Brutal. I'm not very fond of reading drama, I prefer performing it, but this leporine confession knocked me out. Her prose - poetic and acid, tender and overwhelming, captivates your soul, stops time and says: “But what's this? What's happened here?" Then the curtain falls.
I have Clara, I have Marta; we have the rabbit and the embers. I don't have the magic recipe, but I will lovingly cook up this tale about a woman who survives in her present, gutting her past in order to make peace with it and to live in her future with dignity... while taking on the full weight of our existence on her shoulders, like Sisyphus.
Oh, and hunger. We're very hungry. Bon appetit!
Marc Martínez

cast Clara Segura

translation from Spanish Marc Martínez / setting Alejandro Andújar / costumes Nidia Tusal / sound space Àlex Polls / music edition Fluren Ferrer

director assistant Daniela Feixas / management assistant Lorena López / management Meri Notario

co-produced by Teatre Lliure and Bitò Produccions
supported by ICEC - Generalitat de Catalunya

thanks to Santi Carcasona, Guille Vidal-Ribas, Marcel Borràs, Angelita, and Caterina Crespo and Catalina Carvajal, Clara's mother and grandmother

show in Catalan
approximate lenght 1h. 20' no interval

22/11 debate with the company after the show
25/11 Agora Lliure - UPF

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