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Biblioteca de cuerdas y nudos - Biblioteca de ruidos y sonidos

Because we like it a great deal, we are repeating the installation-library of memory that José Antonio Portillo gave us last year. A silent dialogue between the viewer's gaze and the fragments of life that its shelves contain, guided skilfully by the author. 
But be careful, the Biblioteca de cuerdas y nudos  [Library of strings and knots] has not returned alone: this season it acts as a counterpoint to the Biblioteca de ruidos y sonidos [Library of noises and sounds], a stage project currently in development that will allow you to take centre stage. When you enter the Biblioteca de ruidos y sonidos you will have an experience with the world of sounds and their relationship with each of us. It is an octagonal library which produces a metaphor for our brain and the system that we use to relate to the world of sound around us, guided in real time by the percussionist Enric Monfort. You will see how we gather, categorize, store and transform all the sounds in a process that simultaneously explores the physical process itself and its emotional significance.

narrator - teacher José Antonio Portillo / percussionist Enric Monfort

set and props José Antonio Portillo / lighting Xavi Prieto / music Núria Aparici, Joaquín Pinilla and Jorge Aparici (SordoMondo)
set up made by Theater Hetpalais d'Anvers (Belgium)
with the collaboration of the CCB de Lisboa (Percursos 2002/2004) and the Theater Hetpalais d'Anvers (Belgium)

the objects and texts come from workshops held with anonymous children and adults in several European cities

setting José Antonio Portillo / objects Mari Carmen Puchol, Elisa Sanz, Nacho Diago, David Espinosa and José Antonio Portillo / costumes Núria Aparici / lighting Xavi Prieto / music Enric Monfort

sound technician Roel Van Doorn

set up made by Mambo Decorados

with the collaboration of the Ajuntament de Benicarló and the Universitat Jaume I de Castelló

show in Spanish
length 1h. 30' no interval

recommended from 6 to 12 years old

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