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Vida Vinyoli

Vida Vinyoli is a recital designed to show the most lively poems by Joan Vinyoli and to offer an exceptional testimony to the poet Feliu Formosa —Premi d’Honor de les Lletres Catalanes and one of man of theater most significant at the moment— through some notes and comments offered live concerning the years of their literary relation and friendship.
It is a recital among 50 minutes, the poets Feliu Formosa and Cinta Massip recite and the music, made ad hoc by Joan Alavedra, is played by himself.

Feliu Formosa and Cinta Massip / Joan Alavedra musician

poems Joan Vinyoli / texts selected by Feliu Formosa and Cinta Massip  / original music Joan Alavedra

show in Catalan
length 55' no interval