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Sonata de otoño

Another prominent figure in the contemporary Argentinian theatre world is Daniel Veronese, whose work has already graced the Lliure’s stages half a dozen times. With this piece, Veronese looks northward, bringing to life one of Ingmar Bergman’s most important films. In doing so, he shows us that whether presented on stage or on the screen, in Stockholm or in Buenos Aires, the burden of family rings just as true.

Charlotte is a famous pianist. One day, she decides to go spend some time with her forty-year-old daughter, Eva. They haven’t seen each other in seven years. Eva is somewhat resentful of the mother that never showered love on her children. The action takes place in Eva’s house, and her husband, Viktor, a protestant pastor, bears witness to this family reunion.
Höstsonaten hit the screens in 1978 and starred Ingrid Bergman (in her last film role), Liv Ullmann, and Halvar Björk. Since then, it has been staged in numerous versions across the globe. Veronese, who originally produced this piece in Argentina, has remounted the work, again delving into the depths of the relationship between a mother and daughter.

Cristina Banegas Charlotte / Natacha Cordova Helena / María Onetto Eva / Luis Ziembrowski Viktor

translation from Swedish Martín Morgenfeld / setting and costumes Diego Siliano / lighting Marcelo Cuervo / music Frédéric Chopin / costumes advisor Laura Singh / music advisor  Violeta H. de Gainza

director assistant and technical director Gonzalo Martínez / setting assistant Andrea Schvartzman / costumes assistant Cala Zavaleta / hairdresser to Cristina Banegas Victor Rubenhoff / rights management Martín Morgenfeld / management Alberto López / management coordination Romina Chepe / management director Sebastián Blutrach / Spanish distribution Producciones Teatrales Contemporáneas
produced by Sebastián Blutrach

performance in Spanish
length 90' no interval

11/7 debate with the company after the show

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