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Ones Lliures

The Espai Lliure on Montjuïc is going to recive four radio plays. On two days of December those will be played and recorded to the radio broadcast. It is a project by the Lliure and Catalunya Ràdio.
Come and see radio and theater!

Wednesday 3
Nduti writen and directed by Marc Artigau
19:06 Afirmatiu writen and directed by Manuel Dueso     

Thursday 4
Memòria plena writen and directed by Jordi Oriol
Línies writen and directed by Marilia Samper                 


NDUTI Manel Barceló man / Glòria Cano Nduti / Òscar Muñoz doctor / Joan Solé guide / son's voice Jordi Oriol
Manel Barceló doctor / Manuel Dueso police 1 / Òscar Muñoz damned / Joan Peris warden

Joan Carreras son / Mercè Comes Maria Lluïsa / Belén Fabra daughter in law / Muguet Franc veterinary, Belisa, commercial / Mont Plans Cinta / Pau Roca maître, sicari
Ricard Farré nurse / Muguet Franc Eva / Camilo García father/ Dolors Martínez announcer / Mont Plans mother / Pau Roca Ivan

radio producer on Nduti and Línies Dolors Martínez / sound space on 19:06 afirmatiu and Memòria plena Igor Pinto

produced by Teatre Lliure with the collaboration of Catalunya Ràdio - Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals, S.A.

thanks to Teresa Lozano (Maria Rosa's voice on Memòria Plena)

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performances in Catalan language
approximate daily length 1h.