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Mi gran obra (un proyecto ambicioso)

David Espinosa brings us a large-scale performance on a small scale. Shall we play at staring budget cuts, uncertainty and opulence in the face?

Mi gran obra is the piece I’d create if I had unlimited money to spend, the biggest theatre on Earth, three hundred actors, a military brass band, a rock group, animals, cars and a helicopter. Mi gran obra is utopian. We artists have always faced uncertainty and scarcity. And in our work, we have always stressed this, devising tools to overcome limited resources, making a virtue of necessity, using shortcomings and capitalizing on failure as a springboard for creation. And that’s why, in these complicated socioeconomic times where very few people can allow themselves to splurge, we thought it was the perfect time to tackle our first mega-production, an ambitious project. In Mi gran obra, we’ve decided to go whole hog without sparing a dime, staging a large-scale work and lavishly bringing to life our ideas, no matter the cost, with unlimited materials and artistic talent. But of course, there’s one small caveat: we’ve scaled things down. That is, we’ve thought big and built small, using architectural approaches and techniques.

David Espinosa & co. Hekinah Degul

scenic space AiR and David Espinosa / music and sound Santos Martínez and David Espinosa
director assistant África Navarro
management M.O.M. El Vivero
co-produced by El Local Espacio de Creación and the Centre d'Arts Escèniques de Terrassa
with the collaboration of the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya and the INAEM - Ministerio de Cultura

grant project by the Programa de Artistas en Residencia de Bilbaoeszena

show in Spanish
length 1h. no interval

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This show is presented with the installation Hekinah Degul, the same words that the people of Liliput called Gulliver when he awoke. A traveling interactive scene, in which a tiny inhabitants propose actions that can make visitors think about some aspects of their values ​​and behaviors.