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Krum (el crosta)

After La nostra classe, Carme Portaceli opens a door to the work of Israel’s most important author, Hanoch Levin. This playwright, director and poet paints an irrevocable portrait of humanity that transcends all borders with Pere Arquillué as Krum.

Krum (“crust” in Hebrew), Levin’s anti-hero, returns home with an empty suitcase after a lengthy absence. The trip was a complete failure: he didn’t find success – financial or otherwise – and he remains unmarried.
When he gets home, the idyllic world he had envisaged is completely different. Dreamless, paralyzed, lethargic. It is as if, during his absence, nobody had done anything whatsoever, as if they had forgotten to grow or evolve.
Life is a series of minor events where nothing important ever happens: just births, weddings, and funerals. Yet of everyone, Krum (the crust) is the most passive of all. Others get married, others die. Others want to live. But Krum is like a spectator who has lost himself and suddenly surfaces to inhabit a world of illusions.
A being who sees the world as a mise-en-scène filled with his fears and fantasies. An impressive portrait, brimming with humor, of a tiny world we all inhabit.
Carme Portaceli

Pere Arquillué Krum / Jordi Brunet Shkite / Lluïsa Castell Dupa / Jordi Collet Bertoldo, doctor / Gabriela Flores Truda / Carme González Felícia / Oriol Guinart Tugatí / Mónica López Tuiti / Pepa López mother / Joan Negrié Takhtikh / Albert Pérez Dolce

translation Sergi Belbel and Roser Lluch i Oms / scenic space Paco Azorín / costumes Antonio Belart / lightingó Maria Domènech / sound space Jordi Collet 'Sila' / movement Ferran Carvajal
director assistant Ricard Soler i Mallol and Judith Pujol / setting assistant Elisenda Rodríguez / costumes assistant Carlota Ricart / management B. Torres
coproduced by Teatre Lliure, Factoria Escènica Internacional and Grec 2014 Festival de Barcelona with the support of the ICEC Generalitat de Catalunya, the INAEM Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, the Ajuntament de Barcelona and the Institut Ramon Llull  with the collaboration of the Embassy of Israel

thanks to the Gestoria Segura

show in Catalan
length 1h. 50' no interval
hand program in Braille language avalaible at the box office

11/23 debate with the company after the show

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