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Concerts per a nadons. Suite núm. 1 El batec del cargol

Our show specially designed for wee ones is back. Same format, new repertoire. Because music is infinite, just like the awareness of children.

It’s not musical theatre, and there’s no narration. Rather, this piece is about infants and musicians enjoying music with family and friends. Every concert is a shared experience and a voyage of discovery, where the interplay of live music and silence create intense, wondrous moments.

flute Laura Codina / bass clarinet Jordi Santanach / guitalele Faló Garcia / viola Queralt Prats and Nina Sunyer / movement Antonio Izquierdo and Neus Masó / voice Alba Pujol / accordion Carles Pedragosa

dramaturgy advisor Jordi Oriol / choreography and mouvement Antonio Izquierdo and Neus Masó / original music Carles Pedragosa, Queralt Prats, Jordi Santanach, Alba Pujol and Faló Garcia / lighting Pep Arumí / costumes Sílvia Delagneau / interactive instllation drum Jordi Salvadó / projections David Sarsanedas / video Nanouk Films

director producer Josep Domènech / management Dolors Gordils / distribution Bitò Produccions

produced by Temporada Alta 2014

musical performance
length 50' no interval
recommended from 0 to 5 years old

IMPORTANT: every child under 3 years old must be accompanied by minimum 1, maximum 2 adults

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