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Biblioteca de cuerdas y nudos

It’s not a contemporary art installation. Or a theatrical performance. Or maybe it is.
The library of strings and knots is everything under the sun. In Biblioteca de cuerdas y nudos, José Antonio Portillo invites us to step into a circular wooden structure packed with unpublished manuscripts, texts, sheet music, blueprints and objects dug from the trash bin, all placed inside tubes stuffed with messages of strings and knots. It is a silent dialogue between the viewer and the objects which reside within.
Over time, events and objects, fragments of life and dust have accumulated on its shelves. Remnants of a time when most of us were children. Step inside. Pick up a tube. And discover the story within.
The Biblioteca de cuerdas y nudos came about from a small school project based on Italo Calvino’s Collezione di sabbia. Over time, it has grown into this narrative space, which can occupy different settings and be occupied by children of all ages.

narrator - teacher
José Antonio Portillo

set and props José Antonio Portillo / lighting Xavi Prieto / music Núria Aparici, Joaquín Pinilla and Jorge Aparici (SordoMondo)
set up made by Theater Hetpalais d'Anvers (Belgium)
with the collaboration of the CCB de Lisboa (Percursos 2002/2004) and the Theater Hetpalais d'Anvers (Belgium)

the objects and texts come from workshops held with anonymous children and adults in several European cities

show in Spanish
approximate length 1h. no interval
recommended from 6 to 12 years old

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