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Un enemic del poble

The playwright and director Miguel del Arco, whose works La violación de Lucrecia [The Rape of Lucrece] and Juicio a una zorra, [Trial of a Whore] we have seen at the Lliure, accepts the challenge we have set him and now takes on a classic from the nineteenth century which is extremely relevant today. The abuse of power, corruption, hypocrisy, manipulation of the masses and the concept of the common good are just some of the themes in this show starring Pere Arquillué.

'Enemy of the people' or Hostis publicus is a term that was used by Roman law to compare someone with an enemy soldier fighting against the Republic with hand weapons. But who is an enemy of the people? Who accuses them of being such? And what is the process that leads them to be accused? In Ibsen, the enemy of the people is Thomas Stockmann. He is a doctor- a scientist who discovers that the basis of his village's economy, the water in the baths that are its main source of income, contains bacteria that are harmful to health. Stockmann then decides to warn everyone. But what comes first, the truth and public health, or the economic system that sustains their lives? In 1883, Ibsen highlighted many of the potential ills of capitalist society, and left all these big questions open, which retain all their meaning today more than ever.

cast includes
Blanca Apilánez Kat / Pere Arquillué Thomas Stockmann / Roger Casamajor Peter Stockmann / Mar Casas citizen / Rafa Delgado citizen / Pablo Derqui Hovstad / Miquel Fernández captain Horster / Miquel Gelabert Morten Kiil /  Eli Iranzo citizen / Mónica López Billing / Jordi Martínez Aslak / Anabel Moreno citizen / Joan Raja citizen / Santi Ricart citizen / Andrea Ros Petra

translation fron Spanish language Cristina Genebat / set Eduardo Moreno / costumes Ana López / lighting Juanjo Llorens / sound Sandra Vicente (Estudio 340) / original music Arnau Vilà / video Joan Rodón and Emilio Valenzuela (3D)

director assistant Israel Solà / setting assitant Jose Novoa / costumes assistant Suevia Sampelayo and Maria Armengol / trainee direction from the Institut del Teatre Bernat Pons

set up made by Arts-Cènics and Pascualín / musical production BCA MUSIC

produced by Teatre Lliure

thanks to Punto Blanco

show in Catalan
approximated length 2h. 10' no interval

debate with the artistic crew after the show on 02/02

English and Spanish subtitles on Saturday from 02/08
except on 02/08, no Spanish subtitles because the performance accessible

room provided with magnetic loop system
hand program in Braille language avalaible at the box office
performance accessible with subtitles for hearing impairment people and audio description for visually impaired people on 02/14

play recommended by the Servei Educatiu del Teatre Lliure

the songs lyrics of this show has been made from original poetic text by Henrik Ibsen