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La premsa ha dit 

“In this absolutely devastating, hard-hitting, shocking and magnificent production recently staged at the Lliure Theatre in Gràcia (Barcelona), L'onada (The Wave), shows just how easy it is to convert young students into authentic fascists. There are a few books and a film on the subject, but nothing as credible and profound as this piece directed by  Marc Montserrat Drukker following years of research into the subject... (···) The experience envelops and overpowers the audience (···) And the show fascinates and overwhelms us.”
María José Ragué (El Mundo)

L'onada (The Wave), by Ignacio García-May, about Ron Jones's “experiment in totalitarianism” triumphs at the Lliure Theatre (Barcelona) with an energetic performance from Eduard Farelo under the direction of Marc Montserrat Drukker."
Marcos Ordóñez (El País)

“The director, Marc Montserrat Drukker, (···) demonstrates his command of movement and blocking, and a finely tuned sense of dramatic rhythm, effectively overcoming the challenge of how to make these extremely young students/actors credible. The whole cast is precise and sure-footed. Congratulations. The ending is brilliant. (···) L'onada (The Wave) is a must-see for younger audiences and a show recommended for absolutely everyone.”
Santi Fondevila (Time Out)

"With L'onada (The Wave), a rigorous example of documentary theatre has arrived at Gràcia's Lliure Theatre (Barcelona)... the students depicted in the show become a cohesive ensemble, which director Marc Montserrat has imbued with a precise sense of dramatic development.”
Joan Anton Benach (La Vanguardia)

L'onada (The Wave) has been successfully brought to the stage through the exhaustive work of director Marc Montserrat Drukker, with the support of the dramatist Ignacio García May. No less enthusiastic and  sincere is the  work of the cast, led by a committed and strong Eduard Farelo (as Ron Jones) alongside a convincing squad of up and coming young actors (···) In short, a must see show.”
Jose Carlos Sorribes (El Periódico)
"What better critical response to L'onada (The Wave) than the reaction of two of the creators of the original experiment after the first night. Ron Jones and Mark Hancock, accompanied by their wives, were present at the premiere and, visibly moved, gave the show a prolonged standing ovation.”
Begoña Barrena (El País) 

“Unsettling exercise in documentary theatre. (···) Unmissable.”
Jordi Bordes (El Punt Avui)

“The result is the fabulous show to be seen at the Lliure Theatre in Gràcia (Barcelona), captivating like few others, it leaves you thinking about what you've seen for days afterwards. The success of L'onada (The Wave) at the Lliure Theatre, is that it goes beyond the attractive cinematography and the consequences of the experiment. And that's not all, it's also a play that moves like clockwork (…) It's one of the best plays of the season: entertaining, fascinating, intriguing and it teaches you and makes you think into the bargain. Long may it run!”
 Pep Barbany (notodo.com)

“A social psychology experiment from 1967 turned into good theatre that makes you think...To know more get yourself over to the Lliure Theatre in Gràcia (Barcelona), which has been converted into a social psychology lab. Thoroughly recommended.”
Juan Carlos Olivares (Ara)