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Informe per a una acadèmia

A short story by Franz Kafka, written and published in 1917.
An ape named Red Peter, who has learned to behave like a human, presents to an academy the story of how he effected his transformation. His story begins in a West African jungle, in which a hunting expedition shoots and captures him. Caged on a ship for his voyage to Europe, he finds himself for the first time without the freedom to move as he will. Needing to escape from this situation, he studies the habits of the crew, and imitates them with surprising ease; he reports encountering particular difficulty only in learning to drink alcohol. Throughout the story, the narrator reiterates that he learned his human behavior not out of any desire to be human, but only to provide himself with a means of escape from his cage. Upon arriving in Europe, the ape realizes that he is faced with a choice between "the Zoological Garden or the Music Hall," and devotes himself to becoming human enough to become an able performer. He accomplishes this, with the help of many teachers, and reports to the academy that his transformation is so complete that he can no longer properly describe his emotions and experiences as an ape. In concluding, the ape expresses a degree of satisfaction with his lot.

cast Ivan Benet

translation from German Ivan Benet / set Jordi Queralt / costumes Maria Armengol / lighting Jaume Ventura / original músic Sílvia Pérez Cruz / sound Damien Bazin and Ramon Ciércoles

director assistant María de Frutos / management Albert Sorribes and Blanca Arderiu

set up made by Castells i Planas de Cardedeu

thanks to La Perla 29, Sala Beckett, Francesc Isern, Cristina Genebat, Gisela Sais, Raül Fernández "Refree", Maria Kocevar, Toni Corbella, Andrés Corchero, Helena Fenoy and Alella Vinícola

co-produced by Gatcapat SL, Temporada Alta 2013, Julio Manrique, Sílvia Pérez Cruz SL
with the collaboration of Indi Gest

show in Catalan
approximated length 1h. no interval

hand programme in Braille language avalaible at the box office