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El hijo del acordeonista

From the Bernardo Atxaga's novel The Accordionist's Son, a story of two friends: "The most accomplished novel to date by an internationally celebrated writers" (Bookforum)

David Imaz has spent many years living in exile in California, far from his native Basque Country. Nearing fifty and in failing health, he begins to write the story of his youth, a sweeping narrative that spans 1936 to 1999. As a young man, David divides his time between his uncle’s ranch and his life in the village of Obaba, where he practices the accordion at his father’s insistence— all in the shadow of the Spanish Civil War. Letters found in a hotel attic, along with a silver pistol, lead David to unravel his family’s involvement in both sides of the conflict.

Joseba Apaolaza David adult / Mattin Apaloaza David child / Aitor Beltrán David young / Mireia Gabilondo Carmen / Amancay Gaztañaga Teresa / Asier Hernández Lubis / Mikel Losada Agustin / Anke Moll Mary Ann adult / David Pinilla Angel / Iñaki Rikarte Joseba young / Vito Rogado Mary Ann young / Mikel Telleria Joseba child / Patxo Telleria Joseba adult / Iñaki Salvador accordionist

off voice Iñaki Beraetxe, Forki

Spanish translation Asun Garikano and Bernardo Atxaga / set José Ibarrola / costumes Ana Turrillas / lighting Xabier Lozano / music Iñaki Salvador

director assistant Vito Rogado / props and costumes assistant Luis M. del Olmo / management Koro Etxeberria / distribution Julio Perugorria
set up made by Eskenitek
produced by Tanttaka Teatroa and Antz3rkiz: Teatro Arriaga (Bilbao), Teatro Principal (Vitoria-Gasteiz) and Teatro Victoria Eugenia (Donostia)

with the support of the Etxepare, Euskal Institutua

show in Spanish or Basque

length 1h. 30' no interval

performance in Basque subtitled in Catalan on 06/11

debate with the artistic crew after the show on 06/13

Tanttaka Teatroa has recived the Max Award 2014 to the Best Enterprise or Private Production in Scenic Arts for Soinujolearen semea (El hijo del acordenista) and Komunikazioa‐ Inkomunikazio