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De quan somiava

De quan somiava [About when I was dreaming] is the tragicomic story of a single unemployed actress who nobody calls, even for work. We share her day-to-day life, which will show us her experiences, thoughts and writings. We will discover how she has had dreams of work, love and the future that have nothing to do with the life she is living. So she writes a lot and occasionally sings songs from Eurovision out loud to release the tension. Because a dose of Eurovision can't do any harm.

Màrcia Cisteró (Tilda Espluga on 17, 20, 26 and 27 October) / Berta Giraut / Sara Espígul (Mireia Piferrer on 19 afternoon, 23, 26 and 27 October) / Fiona Rycroft

set Ricard Prat i Coll / costumes Companyia Lady lady / lighting Raimon Rius / choreography Montse Colomé

vocal coach Jordi Vidal

thanks to Obrador de la Sala Beckett and so other people.

executive production O Tempo Voa

show in Catalan

length 1h. 20' no interval