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From Bach to Radiohead

Ara Malikian is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant and expressive violinists of his generation. In possession of a personal style, forged from his own origins and rich musical experience, his artistic voice has emerged as an original and innovative presence on the world and musical scene.

From Bach To Radiohead is a journey from Bach, Arvo Pärt or LeClair to Tom Waits, Radiohead, Björk or Frank Zappa. A show designed to unite and not to differentiate, to capture the similarities between different styles and genres. To do this, we approached artists, composers and musicians, in various times and different places, wich was in context transitional figures, visionaries and creators school, no matter their origin or classic "pop". This, then, is a show with a high educational content as it seeks to show the similarities and complexities that share the most varied over more than two centuries of music styles.

Ara Malikian violin / Juan Francisco Padilla guitar/ Rubén Rubio guitar, cello and viola de gamba

approximated length 1h. 30' no interval