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Al llarg del Kurt

It was at the Espai Lliure some years ago, but the scenic wisdom of Vicky Peña still increasing and she comes back with the eternal Kurt Weill in Gràcia. A musical play trought some of the forceful and memorable songs by the musical soul mate of Bertolt Brecht.

voice Vicky Peña / piano Jordi Camell

texts Damià Barbany / lyric's translations Vicky Peña, Feliu Formosa and Nancho Novo / lighting Carlos Lucena / sound Orestes Gas

ligthing technician Miky Colomer / sound technician Orestes Gas

management La Perla Lila S.L. / management and distribution Elsinor

show in Catalan with songs in several languages
length 1h. 20' no interval