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Adiós a la infancia, una aventi de Marsé

We would like this to be a show that does not try to be faithful to any of Marsé's stories, but instead a performance that travels through his world. Moving from one character to another, jumping from book to book and searching for points of connection, contradictions, parallels, characters, voices... It will talk about Marsé's world using the tools of the theatre, the actors appearing on stage, and the ghosts who have somehow been trapped forever in this magical and real realm of fiction. This realm is the Teatre Lliure in Gràcia, the venue that was formerly the La Lleialtat Cooperative, where the young Marsé used to go to dances on Sunday afternoons and where he could have imagined the appearance and the explanation for the world that would subsequently appear...

Jordi Figueras / Oriol Guinart / Mar del Hoyo / Xicu Masó / Jordi Oriol / Carles Pedragosa / Alícia Pérez / Xavier Ricart / Marc Serra
and Jaume Sisa
voice over Juan Marsé

with the supervision of Juan Marsé / set Sebastià Brosa / costumes Berta Riera / make up Àngels Salinas / lighting Guillem Gelabert / sound Roc Mateu / original music Jaume Sisa / arrangement Carles Pedragosa / video Francesc Isern / texts advisor Andreu Jaume

director  assistant Marc Artigau / setting assistant Jorge Salcedo / director assistant from Institut del Teatre Begoña Moral / management La Perla 29

set up made by Castells i Planas de Cardedeu and Arts-Cènics S.L.

co-produced by Teatre Lliure and La Perla 29

thanks to Joan de Sagarra, José Martí Gómez, Eugeni Madueño, Glòria Rull, Arxiu Municipal del Districte de Gràcia - Col·lecció Club Excursionista de Gràcia, Emilio Guerra and Joan Solé

show in Catalan and Spanish
length 2h. no interval

debate with the artistic crew after the show on 12/22