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Els feréstecs

Four conservative 'boors' oppose the vitality of youth and women in one of Goldoni's masterpieces. The Boors premiered in 1760 and was the start of the author's comic and critical portrait of bourgeois life in the late eighteenth century.

During the Carnival, Pepito and Salvador, with Tomeu and Arturo (four embittered men anchored in the past) have agreed to the marriage of their children, Llucieta and Quimet. The two young people have never seen each other and will meet on their wedding day. The girl begins to sense something is amiss, and they decide that nobody can see her and whoever sees her must marry her. However, they do not reckon with the more liberal and domestic spirit of women and young people, who want a more open and honest lifestyle.

Laura Aubert Llucieta / Andreu Benito Pepito / Jordi Bosch Arturo / Laura Conejero Victòria / Pol López Quimet / Carles Martínez Ricardo / Xicu Masó Salvador / Rosa Renom Margarita / Boris Ruiz Tomeu / Rosa Vila Marina

translation from venetian Lluís Pasqual / set Paco Azorín / costumes Alejandro Andújar / make up Eva Fernández / lighting Rai Garcia and Lluís Pasqual / video Marc Lleixà

director assistant Juan Carlos Martel / setting assistant Alessandro Arcangeli / costumes assistant Adriana Parra / linguistic advisor  Noëlia Motlló (Grup d’Estudis de Llengua i Literatura Ponent i Pirineu UdL)

set up made by Taller d’escenografia Jordi Castells and Pascualín / costumes made by Ángel Domingo and Luis Espinosa / finishing touch María Calderón / masks Sebastián Vecchio

produced by Teatre Lliure

thanks to Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Gran Teatre del Liceu, Julio Camba, Montse Colomé, Teresa Lozano, Pepa López, Josep Anton López Bayarri, Pau Carrió and Paula Mariscal

show in Catalan and Spanish
length 1h. 30' no interval

debate with the artistic crew after the show on 04/14

performance accessible with audio description for visually impaired people on 05/03. This performance will haven not subtitles because of the space configuration.
program in Braille available at the ticket office
room provided with magnetic loop system

school performance on 05/07 at 17:00
play recommended by the Servei Educatiu del Teatre Lliure