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SIS PERSONATGES - homenatge a Tomás Giner


NOSaltres - mostra de teatre inclusiu

SIS PERSONATGES - homenatge a Tomás Giner

collective contribution / dramaturgy and directed by JUAN CARLOS MARTEL BAYOD

Espai Lliure
Season 2017 - 2018

They live on the streets, sleep in the street, and travel around the world. We don't look at them and they don't challenge us. Today, here, there are five of them on stage. True stories looking for the truth on the stage.

NOSaltres - mostra de teatre inclusiu
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with Jesús Marcos / Enric Molina / Valerio N'Dongo / Marc Rodríguez / Martí Ruiz Carreras / Hans Üdo Braendle

and the collaboration of Javier Mariscal, Carme Sansa and Jaume Sisa

off voice Lluís Pasqual

text Joan Yago / setting and costumes Xesca Salvà / lighting Marc Lleixà / sound Lucas Ariel Vallejos / video Joan Rodon

director assistant Georgina Oliva / actors coaching and advisor Alicia G. Reyero / Arrels Fundació coordination Juan Lemus / trainee assistant from the Màster Universitari d'Estudis Teatrals de la UAB Estefanía Madrones

produced by Teatre Lliure

with the collaboration of Arrels Fundació

thanks to Hidden City Tours (Hans Üdo Braendle) and Miquel Fernández (Matar al Chino)

Useful information

show in Catalan, Spanish, English and German languages no subtitled
approximate length 1h. 15' no interval

10/06 debate with the company after the show 
issue LIVE! on the web site

other shows on the map EN RISC D'EXCLUSIÓ

follow #SisPersonatges and #NOSaltres on twitter / @ArrelsFundacio
http://www.arrelsfundacio.org / sispersonatgesblog.wordpress.com

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entrevista amb Juan Carlos Martel Bayod
entrevista amb Juan Carlos Martel Bayod

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