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Rebota rebota y en tu cara explota


Rebota rebota y en tu cara explota

created and directed by AGNÈS MATEUS and QUIM TARRIDA

Espai Lliure
from 04/26 to 05/6
Season 2017 - 2018
Agnès Mateus and Quim Tarrida present a hard reflection on gender violence and social passivity. A show of complaint to start calling things by their name and overcome fear. Against contemporary taboos and our hypocrisy.
Prize of the Critic 2017 to New Trends

Life should exploit on our face more often ...
There are killed women at the rate of two per week from 10 years ago and we still have to continue defending ourselves and justifying us before the people who listen to us. Of course, there's a minute of silence in the city hall's door with each death ... Women do not "lose" their lives, women are killed. We begin to shout things by its name ... life should exploit on our face more often.



cast Agnès Mateus and guests Pablo Domichovsky, Ismael Mengual and Martí Soler Gimbernat.

lighting Carles Borràs / sound and video Quim Tarrida

co-produced by Festival TNT - Terrassa Noves Tendències 2017, Antic Teatre and El Konvent punt zero (Berga)

with the support of La Poderosa, Nau Ivanow and Teatre La Massa

thanks to Gabriela Oyarzabal, Semolinika Tomic, Bcn Props, Feminicidio.net, CUBE, Conrado and Martí Soler, to the family Konvent, Maria Mateus, Carles Fígols, La Caldera and Kilian Atoche

Useful information

play in Catalan and Spanish languages
approximate length 1h. no interval

ATTENTION: stroboscopics lights on performance

follow #RebotaRebotayEnTuCaraExplota on twitter / @RebotaRebotaYEnTuCaraExplota

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