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25 TO 26 MAY
Season 2017 - 2018

They've come all the way from Australia to take us into Shostakovich's musical universe. A journey to the depths of the soul, abstract, emotional, accompanied by eleven acrobats and the Quatuor Debussy.


acrobats Caroline Baillon / Nathan Boyle / Marty Evans / Keaton Hentoff-Killian / Rowan Heydon-White / Bridie Hooper / Todd Kilby / Nathan Knowles / Cecilia Martin / Daniel O'Brien / Kimberley O'Brien

musicians Quatuor Debussy      violins Christophe Collette and Marc Vieillefon / viola Vincent Deprecq / cello Cédric Conchon

music Dmitri Xostakóvitx / setting Yaron Lifschitz and Jason Organ / costumes Libby McDonnell / lighting Jason Organ

technical director Jason Organ / sound technician of Quatuor Debussy Christophe Germanique / management Danielle Kellie / international agent Paul Tanguay / Spanish management Ysarca Art Promotions - Pilar de Yzaguirre

co-produced by Nuits de Fourvière/Département du Rhône, Les Théâtres de la ville de Luxembourg, GREC Festival de Barcelona, Le Cirque-Théâtre d’Elbeuf, Düsseldorf Festival, Barbican Theatre and CACCV Espace Jean Legendre-Compiegne

with the support of Australian Government’s Major Festivals Initiative, organized by l'Australia Council Its Arts Funding and Advisory Body in association with the Confederation of Australian International Arts Festivals,  Brisbane FestivalPerth International Arts Festival and Melbourne Festival.
receives support from Australian Government trough the Australia Council thanks to their art funds and their advisory body, as well as Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Quatour Debussy receives the support from the Ministère Français des ArtsRégion Rhône-AlpesVille de Lyon and SPEDIDAM


Useful information

circus performance 
approximate lenght 1h. 20' no interval

other shows on the map OBSTINACIÓ EXTREMA

follow #Opus and #CircaCircus on twitter / @CircaPresents
http://circa.org.au / http://www.debussystringquartet.co
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new Opusenc build. Includes a bug fix. Read more at https://t.co/ZQpiPi94Wn #music #opus #codec #encoding #software #tool #development
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You’re my favorite #opus 😏
Working on an island. Adding a different feel and layer to the game. Comments are appreciated. 👍🏼 #jighttps://t.co/1UOyehb9vL
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Working on an island. Adding a different feel and layer to the game. Comments are appreciated. 👍🏼 #jighttps://t.co/dXXAObFxhe
Working on an island. Adding a different feel and layer to the game. Comments are appreciated. 👍🏼 #jighttps://t.co/tmOIio83f4
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Evening @BrumHour people! We dined @OpusCornwallSt on Friday for their fabulous @HarveyBrockless Cheese & Wine Din… https://t.co/n4rTFvAt5d
- Moises Cardona @moisesmcardona - 16 Sep
Opus GUI V1.3 and collaborating in the opus-tools repository: https://t.co/fcZ7A75SXp #opus #opusenc #xiph #codechttps://t.co/ypRZMAClFN
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Now playing #Opus - Life is life on Galaxy Fm 106.1 Patra
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Cheeses * Tor (Bagborough Farm, Somerset) * Bix (Manor Farm, Oxon) * Double Gloucester (Hunts Court Farm, G… https://t.co/6CgFc380ON
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Pan Roasted Squab Pigeon - braised leg lollipop, Strathearn gratin potato, whisky sauce @OpusCornwallSt #Opushttps://t.co/JMc4IzKjBB
- Adam Andrew Hayes @adamhayes900 - 14 Sep
Butter poached native lobster - isle of mull mac 'n' cheese, grilled leeks @OpusCornwallSt #Opus #OpusRestauranthttps://t.co/xYZbbypYPb
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Produce showcasing @OpusCornwallSt with @HarveyBrockless this evening... Bath Soft Velouté - cheese & potato daup… https://t.co/e6ntpOtxxb
- Mike M @mmach13 - 14 Sep
Part 1 of Christmas gifts to self arrived a few days ago: Berkeley Breathed's @bloomcounty HC Vol. 3… https://t.co/K5rPfSBn1d
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From now users can sign up and log in via social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google. This will make it… https://t.co/ylQ6VIUCOY
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Des curiosites ingenieuses renforcent un opus. #curiosite #renforcer #opus
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#Chrome 70 In Beta With #TLS 1.3, #Opus Support In #MP4 & #AV1 Decode https://t.co/X15dCT6liK
- Opus @opusfoundation - 14 Sep
We have released the latest versions of the OPUS apps for web and mobile, including various fixes and new features!… https://t.co/GUZOzXatwr
- OPUS @opus_game - 14 Sep
- Dr. Colette M. Dowell @colette_dowell - 14 Sep
🦃🐖 Rednecks in South #Hurricane #video as spoken by a Yank #OPUS 23 #HurricaneFlorence #friendship & help others… https://t.co/Mv9yjTlAMA
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- ♚ icelandic sun ♔ @firecat933 - 13 Sep
Quando scrivi due twincest alla fine queste domande ti arrivano 😅 #opus #sickboy https://t.co/NH9tlDWcoL
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Bright whites and clean lines finished with an on-trend grey tiled floor. Anyone else love this contemporary look a… https://t.co/fsrwq9nFOf
- Opus-ABC @OpusABC - 13 Sep
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Un buen #tbt "Live is Life" es una canción de la banda austriaca Opus lanzada en 1985. #opus #retrowil 🎸🎹🎼 en Osce… https://t.co/BaYK5zwlnL
- Terry Tomlin @t_tomlin - 13 Sep
Late summer sun and the ridin' be easssyyy. Almost two wks and the crew is still running a perfect record . . .… https://t.co/ldlu0xXWPu
- ワイン蔵●TOKYO @WineguraTokyo - 13 Sep
ワイン蔵オンラインには2014 オーパスが10本程あります。 国内最安値!この値段での販売はこれで最後になります。 2014 Opus One https://t.co/K7jG4dXwHV #カリフォルニアワイン #OPUShttps://t.co/KuToKbolgu
- BadComics.it @badcomicsit - 13 Sep
Satoshi Kon: naufragato il film #YumeMiruKikai, si lavora all'anime di #Opus https://t.co/EM5RShSulb https://t.co/p4VeGj1wgO
- DonChinchónyEskinete @chinchonyeskint - 13 Sep
@zoidoJI Y tú oliendo a #OPUS que das asco, Zoido... que cosas tiene esta vida... #PPSOE la misma mierda es...… https://t.co/MeoRNE9ncu
- TheeOBC @TheeOBC - 13 Sep
POG Reflection: My longtime producing partner jamesmurrayjacksonjr is a #manifestation master & a #positivity magne… https://t.co/n4s4S13M4Z
- kendra melton @smiling50 - 12 Sep
So good I had to share! Check out all the items I'm loving on @Poshmarkapp #poshmark #fashion #style #shopmyclosethttps://t.co/ud2M1B2xaJ
- Opus, Inc. @opusph - 12 Sep
Are you planning to have 24/7 business operations in the future? Talk to Opus consultants today and let us know ho… https://t.co/E0LEaEvmff
- Opus-ABC @OpusABC - 12 Sep
- Opus-ABC @OpusABC - 12 Sep
🎓 Coordinator, Cooperative #Education - Times Higher #Education (THE) #opus https://t.co/NBh8NhHU7f https://t.co/OsXhRd7lAX
- Opus World @opus_world - 12 Sep
We are taking the world’s largest polaroid camera to @BentleyMotors factory in Crewe to capture ‘portraits’ of Bent… https://t.co/Q4mZzOcwpT
- Moises Cardona @moisesmcardona - 12 Sep
Opus GUI v1.2 released! Read my post for more info and start encoding your music files to Opus!… https://t.co/SkFDKN7Tkt
- Dr. Colette M. Dowell @colette_dowell - 12 Sep
- JÄGER DIREKT @jaegerdirekt - 12 Sep
Besuchen Sie unsere Kollegen aus den Niederlanden auf der #Elektro Vakbeurs (= Elektro Fachmesse), in Hardenberg. L… https://t.co/NstXBL7ufz
- PR Gateway @presseticker - 12 Sep
Geballtes Wissen aus der Praxis für die Praxis https://t.co/gRupAoCqf2 #SmartHome #Opus #JägerDirekt #Sirihttps://t.co/UQYfPqPy36
- oooops @DanielOlsson15 - 12 Sep
#Opus hatad aktie, svåranalyserad. 100MUSD Ebitda 2022 finansiell mål. Man taktar nu ca 55MUSD per år (Ebitda) EPS… https://t.co/NAMiMmJUps

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