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by BERNARDO ATXAGA versioned and directed by CALIXTO BIEITO

25 to 29 October
Season 2017 - 2018

First there was the book in 1988, which won the Spanish Literature National Prize for Fiction and was translated into twenty languages. Then came the film directed by Montxo Armendáriz in 2006. And finally, the theatre. Obaba's mythical stories of "people and things."



cast Joseba Apaolaza / Ylenia Baglietto / Gurutze Beitia / Ainhoa Etxebarria / Miren Gaztañaga / Iñake Irastorza / Karmele Larrinaga / Itziar Lazkano / Koldo Olabarri / Lander Otaola / Eneko Sagardoy

setting Susanne Gschwender / costumes Sophia Schneider / lighting Michael Bauer / video Sarah Derendinger / musician and singer Carlos Imaz

director assistants Tim Jentzen and Lucía Astigarraga

produced by Teatro Arriaga Antzokia

colaborators of BBK

Useful information

performance will be in Euskera language subtitled in Catalan
the company has postpone the completion of the Spanish version.

approximate lenght 2h. no interval

10/27 at 19:00  Àgora Lliure - UPF Atxaga torna a Obabakoak
Elena Hevia (El Periódico) interview Bernardo Atxaga
broadcast ON AIR! 

show recommended by the Servei Educatiu del Teatre Lliure

follow #Obabakoak on twitter / @Teatro_Arriaga
http://www.atxaga.eus / http://www.teatroarriaga.eus
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