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from 02/12 to 17
Season 2018 - 2019

They were in Montjuïc two seasons ago, and now they are back with their latest show. The Agrupación Señor Serrano give an extra twist to global capitalism and the iconic values of consumption and virility.

artistic schedule

performers Diego Anido, David Muñiz, Nico Roig, Pablo Rosal i Wang Ping-Hsiang

project director Barbara Bloin / music Nico Roig / video programming David Muñiz / video creation Vicenç Viaplana / stage set and models Àlex Serrano and Silvia Delagneau / costumes Silvia Delagneau / lighting Cube.bz / choreography David Anido
director assistant Martín García Guirado / management assistant Marta Baran / management Paula Sáenz de Viteri / distribution Art Republic

co-produced by Teatre Lliure, GREC 2018 Festival de Barcelona, Teatros del Canal, Manchester Home Theatre, Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles, Groningen Grand Theatre, La Triennale di Milano – Teatro dell’Arte, CSS Teatro Stabile di Innovazione del Friuli – Venezia Giulia, Teatro Stabile del Veneto – Teatro Nazionale, Festival Romaeuropa

with the support of the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya, CCCB Kosmopolis, Sala Beckett, Teatre Auditori de Granollers, Xarxa Transversal and Graner - Mercat de les Flors
special thanks to Festival TNT – Terrassa Noves Tendències, Arts Escèniques OlotCultura, Monty Kultuurfaktorij (Antwerp, Belgium) and La Fabrique de Théâtre (La Bouverie, Belgium)

useful information

show in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Chinese and German languages subtitlet in Catalan language
length 1h. 10' no interval

ATTENTION: during the show we use strobe lights

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Calendari i horaris
tariff A
General price from the premiere
29 €
Advanced sales price
(before the premiere)
26 €
With discount *
(except on the audience days)
24'50 €
The audience days:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 17’30h
22 €
Groups from 15 people: 20% discount
21'50 €
Subscriber’s flat rate
(to the tickets not on subscription)
18 €
University groups
15 €
Carnet Jove and under 30s price
15 €
Top row price
(on certain performances)
15 €
Last minute under 30sNEW!
(with carnet Generació Lliure, page 79)
9 €
Secondary groups
7 €

* Descomptes:

Jubilats amb targeta rosa, aturats, persones amb discapacitat, famílies nombroses, monoparentals i d’acollida abonats al TNC i Mercat de les Flors, TR3SC, Biblioteques i Teatres comarcals.

Grups a partir de 15 persones.
informació i reserves: 932 289 747 / 932 892 770

El public opina

- David T. Johnson @kingdavidkc - 17 Aug
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- Celina @RealCeliRoldan - 17 Aug
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- 🌈👑🦄E-ROMAN🦄👑🌈 @eric7363 - 17 Aug
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- Tara Conradt @Pastor_tara - 17 Aug
#Kingdom . We can only invite people into that which we truly know exists, which we are taking part in @allycawthorn 🔥
- 🌈👑🦄E-ROMAN🦄👑🌈 @eric7363 - 17 Aug
@NICKIMINAJ Shoutout to the amazing #Queen my close #Barbz and the #Kingdom 🔥🔥🦄🦄❤️❤️ https://t.co/qOaQoAFi8T
- O. B. Ajayi @OBAjayi1 - 17 Aug
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J'ai lu les deux premiers tomes de #Kingdom, c'est déjà un chef-d'œuvre 🔥 (je comprends pourquoi c'est le seinen le… https://t.co/XzBOhLuBuQ
- KAI_TheBrilliantHeirsHall_Virtual @FormerHallBabyV - 16 Aug
Erybody wann grew up here #uk nah bitch we aint green crosses either this #kingdom #james #talk #music #artisthttps://t.co/4zxeyi5nOo
- Gommah 🇫🇷🇯🇵 @Gommahan - 16 Aug
Karyo Ten, personnage d'un RPG. #Kingdom https://t.co/V89ZrRZ62V
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How's it going Every1?? #W2TK #KingDom
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Please keep @lgeraty in your prayers. He is traveling to Kenya to speak at their Vineyard national conference. Plus… https://t.co/fnlNsnZLpp
- Tommy Kiedis @TommyKiedis - 16 Aug
Appreciate all these church planters living on mission. Great #kingdom work here. Thanks @chankilgore for your lead… https://t.co/Gn73Pl3lc2
- Celina @RealCeliRoldan - 16 Aug
- 🌈👑🦄E-ROMAN🦄👑🌈 @eric7363 - 16 Aug
- Bakari K. Beckwith @pastorbkb - 16 Aug
Catch this message on Podbean! Follow me at Pastor Bakari K Beckwith radio to hear it in its entirety... #anointedhttps://t.co/ySlaIN8H5d
- Jil @Nickisbarbieboy - 16 Aug
- no smd for the first time @peytongaiters - 16 Aug
@NICKIMINAJ @selenagomez Thank you GIRL! We love you over here in the #Kingdom ❤️
- Gommah 🇫🇷🇯🇵 @Gommahan - 16 Aug
- Charlie Hamilton @cworshipmusic - 16 Aug
“Prayer is picking a fight with the enemy.” Mark Batterson #Jesus #Kingdom #SpiritualWarfare
- Charlie Hamilton @cworshipmusic - 16 Aug
“Intercession transports us from the sidelines to the frontlines.” Mark Batterson #Jesus #Kingdom #SpiritualWarfare
- School of Purpose @sopnigeria - 16 Aug
The secrete to a full and fulfilled life is discovery, understanding and application of the Kingdom of Heaven on ea… https://t.co/Zc3JjSsznH
- ForerunnerMinistries @forerunnerintl - 16 Aug
Shake off the labels from the past and others. Only the #WordOfGod can transform us and lead us into Glory.… https://t.co/phsdaJn0qG
- Celina @RealCeliRoldan - 16 Aug
Be the #Generation that #makes a difference for the #kingdom of #God
- Chasity Daniel @ProphetessCD - 16 Aug
Of course the worse thing that could happen is hell. BUT...the next worst thing that could happen is leaving here w… https://t.co/BCtxuYGHsg
The stubbornness of algeria #military #dictature to pursue #coldwar agenda, i.e. disintegration of the #Kingdom of… https://t.co/Xll7HkgKOI
- sndr @itz_sdr - 16 Aug

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