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En procés, 2


En procés, 2

coordinated by JOAN YAGO
session directed by IBAN BELTRAN

February 19
Season 2017 - 2018
Second theatrical session dedicated to the Catalan independentist process.
We have commissioned eleven playwrights to write a short text for up to three actors.
The result is presented in dramatized reading format on February 12 and 19.
Except in two cases, all the texts are directed by their authors.
IN PROCESS, 2, on Monday 19, features the pieces by Lali Álvarez, Sergi Belbel (directed by Israel Solà), Clàudia Cedó, Cristina Clemente (directed by Mònica Bofill), Llàtzer Garcia and Helena Tornero

IN PROCESS, 1 on Monday 12, was those of Marc Artigau, Guillem Clua, Marta Galán, Esteve Soler and Victoria Szpunberg.

Diverse looks from a complex society.


cast EN PROCÉS 2

Ella by Lali Álvarez - Imma Colomer
Només una veu, by Llàtzer Garcia - Ivan Benet
Supremacistes by Cristina Clemente - Júlia Barceló and Laura Conejero
Capità Mandrake by Clàudia Cedó - Alejandro Bordanove and Miquel Gelabert
You Say You Want a Revolution by Helena Tornero -  Ahmad Alhamsho, Alicia G. Reyero and Manar Taljo
La solitud de l'u by Sergi Belbel - Alejandro Bordanove and Laura Conejero

Useful information

staged reading in Catalan, Spanish and Arabian languages (subtitled in Catalan)
approximate length 1h. 10' no interval

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