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Espai Lliure
from 01/09 to 20
Season 2018 - 2019

The Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, one of the international benchmarks in today's feminist debate, defines the story of power as a "single story that creates stereotypes and condemns others to their fate."

However, this tale has many stories within it. Among all those possible, this season the Teatre Lliure aims to readdress patriarchal power in particular, analysing the role of women in today's world. To do so, we have programmed a series of shows that we have included in a 'patriarchy' themed season. However, this thread unravels even further in the DONES LLIURES project.

DONES LLIURES aims to be a forum for artistic and social debate, open to all perspectives and opinions. A space which for two weeks in January, welcomes both creation and reflection on the roles that women have to adopt, their barriers they come up against, and the obvious and underlying sexism which subtly impregnates the most intimate areas of women and men today. An artistic space consisting of performances, round table discussions and other activities, to outline the plan for the changes that our society can consider for a more just future.

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Calendari i horaris
12 € (adult)
9 € (children)
General price from the premiere
12 € (adult)
9 € (children)
Advanced sales price
(before the premiere)
12 € (adult)
9 € (children)
With discount *
(except on the audience days)
12 € (adult)
9 € (children)
The audience days:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 17’30h
12 € (adult)
9 € (children)
Groups from 15 people: 20% discount
12 € (adult)
9 € (children)
Subscriber’s flat rate
(to the tickets not on subscription)
12 € (adult)
9 € (children)

* Descomptes:

Jubilats amb targeta rosa, aturats, persones amb discapacitat, famílies nombroses, monoparentals i d’acollida abonats al TNC i Mercat de les Flors, TR3SC, Biblioteques i Teatres comarcals.

Grups a partir de 15 persones.
informació i reserves: 932 289 747 / 932 892 770

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