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created and directed by MILO RAU

02/22 and 23
Season 2018 - 2019

The Swiss director Milo Rau, who shocked us with Five Easy Pieces two seasons ago, brings to the stage the writings of the Marquis de Sade and the cinema of Pier Paolo Pasolini. An interplay of the look between reality and fiction, with the actors of the Schauspielhaus Zürich and Theater HORA, a company formed by people with learning disabilities. Political theatre investigating truth, beauty and kindness.

artistic schedule

cast Noha Badir, Remo Beuggert, Gianni Blumer, Matthias Brücker, Nikolai Gralak, Matthias Grandjean, Julia Häusermann, Sara Hess, Robert Hunger-Bühler, Dagna Litzenberger Vinet, Michael Neuenschwander, Matthias Neukirch, Tiziana Pagliaro, Nora Tosconi and Fabienne Villige

dramaturgy Stefan Bläske and Gwendolyne Melchinger / setting and costumes Anton Lukas / lighting Christoph Kunz / video Kevin Graber / documentation and dramatrgy collaboration Rolf Bossart and Mirjam Knapp
director assistant Manon Pfrunder / setting assistant Simon Sramek / costumes assistant Tiziana Angela Ramsauer / video assistant Jörg Hurschler / hearer Jannis Nicolas / prompter Katja Weppler / stage manager Michael Durrer

produced by Schauspielhaus Zürich in cooperation with Theater HORA

useful information

show in German subtitled in Catalan language
length 2h. no interval
session Àgora Lliure - UPF

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Calendari i horaris
tariff A
General price from the premiere
29 €
Advanced sales price
(before the premiere)
26 €
With discount *
(except on the audience days)
24'50 €
The audience days:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 17’30h
22 €
Groups from 15 people: 20% discount
21'50 €
Subscriber’s flat rate
(to the tickets not on subscription)
18 €
University groups
15 €
Carnet Jove and under 30s price
15 €
Top row price
(on certain performances)
15 €
Last minute under 30sNEW!
(with carnet Generació Lliure, page 79)
9 €
Secondary groups
7 €

* Descomptes:

Jubilats amb targeta rosa, aturats, persones amb discapacitat, famílies nombroses, monoparentals i d’acollida abonats al TNC i Mercat de les Flors, TR3SC, Biblioteques i Teatres comarcals.

Grups a partir de 15 persones.
informació i reserves: 932 289 747 / 932 892 770

El public opina

- CloneAtWork @CloneAtWork - 17 Aug
In 1h off to Graz for Metal on the Hill to see the mighty gods of Thrash, Sodom! \m/ Brotherhood of steel my friend… https://t.co/Q9WuEVfBQO
- KenyanTraffic @KenyanTraffic - 17 Aug
08:07 @KBCChannel1 @Hot_96Kenya watu wa UK(uthiru kinoo) a trailer has decided to sleep on the highway #sodom stage… https://t.co/UELEFyA5kN
- KenyanTraffic @KenyanTraffic - 17 Aug
08:00 watu wa UK(uthiru kinoo) a trailer has decided to sleep on the highway #sodom stage meja traffic from #Uthiruhttps://t.co/59QGI9ygV6
- Ma3Route @Ma3Route - 17 Aug
07:55 watu wa UK(uthiru kinoo) a trailer has decided to sleep on the highway #sodom stage meja traffic from #Uthiru via @Jemmok
- James Githuku @Jemmok - 17 Aug
@KenyanTraffic @Ma3Route watu wa UK(uthiru kinoo) a trailer has decided to sleep on the highway #sodom stage meja traffic from #Uthiru
- GodsMessenger @GodsMessenger00 - 17 Aug
I been attacked for simply refusing to turn to #Homosexuality. Now they are attacking us like #Sodom. #Christianity #Judiasm #Islam
- Sick Bangers @SickBangers - 16 Aug
Ojo con el material de SODOM en stock! Ingresa a este link y haz tu pedido de la banda de Onkel Tom Angelripper....… https://t.co/r6MZ8OGOEk
- Awesome Metal Bands @AwesomeMetal - 16 Aug
- WolfLairRadio @Wolf_Lair_Radio - 16 Aug
Now playing #Sodom - #BrandishTheSceptre on Wolf Lair Radio
- Ralf Oberndörfer @Histox - 16 Aug
@sibelschick #gott hätte #sodom und #gomorra verschont, wenn sich dort zehn gerechte gefunden hätten. aber von so e… https://t.co/2UPg8VmBEy
- ein Mensch! @KaClJo - 16 Aug
@boooeser_Wooolf Solche sind mir auch schon zu Ohren gekommen! Man stelle sich die Empörung eines #Schmitts von der… https://t.co/Pi9wavVdGi
- Sevilla Local Media @CigarsandSEO - 15 Aug
@DailyCaller They voted for a demon possessed homosexual. #sodom
- Chairman SP Jackson @SeanPJackson1 - 15 Aug
Umm. . . #Newsflash #ChristineHallquist ain’t nothin “moral” about teaching little boys it’s ok to be a girl. That’… https://t.co/WrIF9AGp47
- Radio Utopia @RadioUtopiaHRO - 15 Aug
Ein Großteil unseres Elektromülls landet auf dem Schrottplatz von #Agbogbloshie in Accra/Ghana, genannt #Sodom.https://t.co/n4BKWVzXaD
- r.e.maguire @MacUidhir - 15 Aug
@BreitbartNews Every day the #Democrats/#communists are more & more brazen about their #satanic desire to #butcherhttps://t.co/01uV7qa1oy
- 🇺🇸❤️MAGA Truth Vote RED 🚨 @2braptuedbyJC77 - 15 Aug
#Sodom and #Gomorrah Judgement is on the horizon! Transgender candidate wins party's nomination for governor in V… https://t.co/76URcq1Hzm
- Nick S @NickSagias - 15 Aug
Sodom - Christ Passion [HQ] https://t.co/8r094YrvVo #sodom #thrashmetal
- Michael Cidade @mcidade94 - 15 Aug
My Metal ( and Music ) Collection builds on ! #HeavyMetal #Sodom #Wasp #Blackmetal #Bathory #GeorgeMichael https://t.co/mmMNDjlEY9
- New Metal Albums @newmetalalbums1 - 15 Aug
Brazilian Death Metal veterans KRISIUN released their debut "Black Force Domain" 23 years ago today. Listen to the… https://t.co/EaLwslBfR1
- Julius Olanipekun @juliusola - 14 Aug
@Jali_Cat @pinkk9lover @OMAROSA @POTUS @FLOTUS The love of money. She saw #Comey making money from book and secret… https://t.co/YyguZqM1sY
- Wissenschaft als Beute @wissenschaftals - 14 Aug
Die @maxplanckpress ist ein #Sodom und #Gomorra. Die Zustände am #MPIP sind noch schlimmer, als das, was hier beric… https://t.co/SeBdUzJZt4
- Hevy Metal Hitman @HevyMetalHitman - 14 Aug
- muddavugger @muddavugger1 - 14 Aug
@MikeBonham95 @royalmuzo @CNN Homosex is enslaves people today & the entire state of California is engulfed in flam… https://t.co/D3tgeTyl5I
- metal messiah @mmrpromotions - 14 Aug
Now Playing #Sodom - Witching Metal on https://t.co/Twi9lYQzs8
- 鈴木 @machinegundandi - 14 Aug
- metal messiah @mmrpromotions - 14 Aug
Now Playing #Sodom - Nuctemeron on https://t.co/Twi9lYQzs8
- The Cannon @walpoc - 14 Aug
Too bad that #God doesn't punish the Sodoms of today (whon are almost exclusively Repubs, as per your usual allegat… https://t.co/bcZlIO23uZ
- Marie-Laure Dagoit @mldagoit - 13 Aug
- LONNY ROSELAND @SaintLon - 13 Aug
@SidneyCassandra How is living in #Sodom aka San Francisco? Plenty of "sinners" in Las Vegas without being over-whe… https://t.co/Gw8ZCIzGfc
- WOG BaWue eV @wog_ev - 13 Aug
Gerade einen Anruf aus der #Schweiz bekommen. Dort organisiert man, unbelästigt von #EU ,Staat und Justiz, Reisen z… https://t.co/xqLox2UE9O
- Homer S Ferguson @amoobrasil - 13 Aug
#Sodom & Gomorrah describe the ethic of #Libertarians (e.g., #AynRand & the #Kochs) & today's #GOP: "This was the… https://t.co/DInk6yrrzI
- Bianca Rutjes @BiancaRutjes - 12 Aug
@PrtcllnSdm "#hulpverleners uitzendbureau Fortem die in #opdracht van de #gemeente #Tiel op de locatie waren. ,,Het… https://t.co/02paujfDBx
- West Coast Gospel @WestCoastGospel - 12 Aug
#Cesspool of #Sin - #Sodom & #Gomorrah #SameSexMarriage #Homosexuality, we think things R Bad, This World has turned it’s Backs on God.
- WatchOut4CrazyPenLady! @AJ1952Chats - 12 Aug
- DANIEL BRUMMITT @57KazqZ6UYIq2P2 - 12 Aug
I'm living in a real life #Sodom, I hate the #MoralDecline in the country. If I don't get a #GoodJob soon, I might… https://t.co/gkuOVB0nnw
- Mark Twain was right, stick with a Dog! 🐕 @DogsareLoyal1s - 12 Aug
It's California.. God was short on the Brimstone. But set the fire anyway. #Sodom https://t.co/4pP9dwXnln
- WintisArt @WintisArt - 12 Aug
- Taylor Nicole @89_Beauty - 11 Aug
- Daniel Hard @hardpost5 - 11 Aug
- Bianca Rutjes @BiancaRutjes - 11 Aug
#streep_eronder, op alle niveaus huidige protocollen #SoDom. Gemeenteraden straks #verbaasd over #waar_is_het_geld… https://t.co/UhBeNkLYqr
- ❌Wespe03❌ ❌nicht nur QFD shadowbaned @Wespe03 - 11 Aug
@ddbnews @NEWS #Sodom und #Gomorrha lassen grüßen! Da ich nicht davon ausgehen kann, dass ihr wisst, wovon die Red… https://t.co/gPDEmpq9zz
- ηαтαѕнα  ~♡ @N_ata6ha - 11 Aug
@thisis4europe LOL.. Jesus calls Jerusalem "Spiritually, #Sodom and #Egypt" Rev 11:8 KJV for a reason 💛#Sodom: Gre… https://t.co/iiTVuPezvl
- metal messiah @mmrpromotions - 11 Aug
Now Playing #Sodom - Volcanic Slut on https://t.co/Twi9lYQzs8
- WolfLairRadio @Wolf_Lair_Radio - 11 Aug
Now playing #Sodom - #EnchantedLand on Wolf Lair Radio
- Christer Åberg @apg29_nu - 11 Aug
Vänd inte åter till Sodom | Apg29 https://t.co/w9mWlis51C #sodom #synd #frälsning #apg29
- Apuesto al Rock @apuestoalrock1 - 10 Aug
Ya se puede ver el video de #IchFindeNurMetalGeil tema y primer adelanto de #BierErnst próximo y sexto álbum de est… https://t.co/9PWW7cQK9y
- muddavugger @muddavugger1 - 10 Aug
@BentleysQuest @ABC To all California residents: Is homosex more important in California than your entire state bei… https://t.co/YqXy9gKyOF
- muddavugger @muddavugger1 - 10 Aug
@FoxNews Is homosex more important in California than the entire state being engulfed in flames? #sodom
- The Government @WorIdGovernment - 10 Aug
8 And there went out the king of #Sodom, and the king of #Gomorrah, and the king of Admah, and the king of Zeboiim… https://t.co/9Ew6zxH9lI
- The Government @WorIdGovernment - 10 Aug
2 that they made war with Bera king of #Sodom, and with Birsha king of #Gomorrah, Shinab king of Admah, and Shemebe… https://t.co/alOeZSTKjP
- muddavugger @muddavugger1 - 10 Aug
@Pep86569875 @cspanwj @ValerieInsinna @defense_news homosex in the west is more important than our western states themselves. #sodom
- The Metal Manifesto @manifesto_metal - 10 Aug
The Metal Manifesto is on the air RIGHT NOW!!! #Hexenhaus #Luciferion #Sodom #Aborted #Forcentury #I #Sacrificehttps://t.co/zseCRRcdlH
- muddavugger @muddavugger1 - 10 Aug
@ABC To all California residents: Is homosex more important than your entire state being engulfed in flames? #sodom
- muddavugger @muddavugger1 - 10 Aug
@CBSNews @JonVigliotti To all California residents: Is homosex more important than your whole state being entirely… https://t.co/ZJdsfN9LwX
- metal messiah @mmrpromotions - 09 Aug
Now Playing #Sodom - Agent Orange on https://t.co/Twi9lYQzs8
- Sick Bangers @SickBangers - 09 Aug
Atención coleccionistas! Acaba de llegar esta edición japonesa de SODOM!! CD formato jewelcase, que recopila los d… https://t.co/s3aHo3pwic
- Apuesto al Rock @apuestoalrock1 - 09 Aug
Ya se puede ver el video de #IchFindeNurMetalGeil tema y primer adelanto de #BierErnst próximo y sexto álbum de est… https://t.co/n9UWS2lgFE
- Sick Bangers @SickBangers - 08 Aug
DE COLECCIÓN! La edición oficial de los demos de SODOM en CD! Un ítem de valor histórico para los seguidores de los… https://t.co/UrANKZ2CAF
- Bianca Rutjes @BiancaRutjes - 08 Aug
#inclusief_werkgeverschap staat voorop. #aanbestedingenbeleid #SoDom met adviesnetwerk #grootbedrijf dat 'samenwerk… https://t.co/7U0qAIKi5C
- muddavugger @muddavugger1 - 08 Aug
@Mudaforkingmark @CBSNews Maybe they can get it from the homosex community since that is more important than the en… https://t.co/epoaQRcvCe
- muddavugger @muddavugger1 - 08 Aug
@DennisHalsey1 @ABC I wonder if biden could muster up some donation money from the homosex community to fund the ca… https://t.co/bqZ5D6PaBx
- muddavugger @muddavugger1 - 08 Aug
@CNN Scientists should warn about homosex and it's impact on wildfires in the areas where homosex is performed. #sodom
- muddavugger @muddavugger1 - 08 Aug
@CBSNews When will homosex be less important in California than wildfires engulfing the entire state? #sodom
- (((Kilian))) ☮ ✏️ ⚓ 🕹‏ @KilianBrogli - 08 Aug
"Welcome to #Sodom" zeigt die dunkle Seite der #Konsumgesellschaft ttt gibt kleinen Einblick in die gesundheitssch… https://t.co/aDM288h2bw
- max @4thDimensionMan - 08 Aug
- Lance Silver @LanceSilver1 - 07 Aug
- Sir Apfelot @SirApfelot - 07 Aug
Welcome to Sodom – Neue Doku zeigt die dunkle Seite des Elektro-Booms - https://t.co/hRwIcOSJzx #welcometosodomhttps://t.co/ijqc2UG7rn
- Andrea Houk @HoukAndrea - 07 Aug
@GeorgeTakei #Sodom and Gomorrah?
- Big Clit Energy @X_Lolitaa - 07 Aug
Yooooo. The bible was wild. Rape was okay but homosexuality was bad. And that’s your religion lmfao #Sodom
- Lee Howard @RevLeeHoward - 07 Aug
The Church today accuses the citizens of #Sodom with homosexuality. But this chart lists every sin that every Scrip… https://t.co/HINjSSIxUn
- SCYTHIAN FATE @ScythianFate - 07 Aug
- Deutsche Mitte @DeutscheMitte - 07 Aug
Filmtipp: "Welcome to Sodom". Was passiert mit den nicht mehr benötigten Handys, TVs und Computern aus Europa? Ein… https://t.co/ZKwgw786V3

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