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staged reading



17 TO 19 MAY
Season 2017 - 2018

A cornerstone of French classicism, written to match the stature of a great actress, served as an staged reading. When reasons of state come before everything else, only the tragedy of grief is what is left of love. It is not a question of living, but instead of governing. Featuring Emma Vilarasau in the lead role.


cast Andreu Benito Paulin / Clàudia Benito Phenice / Roger Coma Antiochus / Andrea Ros Rutile / Rosa Maria Sardà Titus / Júlia Truyol Arsace / Emma Vilarasau Bérénice

musicians María Elena Medina viol / Manuel Minguillón theorbo / Dani Espasa clave

translation from French language Josep Maria Vidal and Martí Sales / musical director Dani Espasa / costumes Alejandro Andújar / lighting Pascal Mérat / sound Ramon Ciércoles /

director assistant Hèctor Mora Campón

produced by Teatre Lliure

Useful information

staged reading in Catalan language
approximate lenght 1h. 45' no interval

19/05 Àgora Lliure – UPF about Medea and Bérénice

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