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directed by JAN LAUWERS

23 to 25 January
Season 2017 - 2018

The theatrical version of the film script written by Cassavetes for Peter Falk and Ben Gazzara, shortly before his death. The Eros and Thanatos instincts, under the intense gaze of Jan Lauwers. A project that took shape in the Burgtheater and was subsequently revived at the Humain trop Humain in Montpellier. Life, excess.


cast Inge Van Bruystegem / Gonzalo Cunill / Romy Louise Lauwers / Juan Navarro

translation to French language Dominique Hollier / translation to Spanish language Antonio Fernández Lera / lighting and sound Jan Lauwers / costumes Lot Lemm

director assistant Elke Janssens

delegated production Humain trop humain – CDN Montpellier from the original production of the Burgtheater de Viena and Needcompany

representation rights S. Fischer Verlag GmbHFrankfurt am MainGermany

Useful information

show in French, English and Spanish subtitled in Catalan language
approximate lenght 2h. no interval

24/01 after the show: Justo Barranco (La Vanguardia) interview to Jan Lauwers.
in collaboration with l'Institut del Teatre de la Diputació de Barcelona
broadcast EN DIRECTE! trought the web

more shows on the map EN CONVIVÈNCIA

follow #BegintheBeguine on Twitter / @humaintrophumain
www.humaintrophumain.fr / http://www.needcompany.org

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El public opina

- Frazer Yeomans @FrazerYeomans - 16 Sep
Just the beginning? Isn’t this year 4 of “the project” #THFC #thegameisaboutglory #beginthebeguine https://t.co/j8hrN53Zgg
- Rebecca B. @Salticidae - 14 Sep
@vmochama I, uh, uh....I have land, bees, cats, and pawpaw trees? And room for an archery range! #beginthebeguine

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clip de l'espectacle
roda de premsa
entrevista a Jan Lauwers (postfunció)
clip de l'espectacle
roda de premsa
entrevista a Jan Lauwers (postfunció)

Dossier (PDF)

Jan Lauwers
John Cassavetes

Husbands (1970)
el making of de Husbands
Cassavetes a la revista LIFE

Trois camarades
documental de Michel Pamart i Laurence Gavron sobre l'amistat entre John Cassavetes, Peter Falk i Ben Gazzara


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