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Montjuïc 17/18

October 20 to November 12

from Lacrime di sale by Lidia Tilotta and Pietro Bartolo
adaptated by Anna Maria Ricart
directed by Miquel Gorriz

25 to 29 October

by Bernardo Atxaga versioned
and directed by Calixto Bieito
co. Teatro Arriaga Antzokia

7 to 26 November

by Ramon Llull
adapted and directed by Marc Rosich
music by Clara Peya co. Teatre Obligatori

November 15 to December 10

by Friedrich von Schiller 
versioned and directed by Sergi Belbel

November 21 to December 17

by David Cirici
adapted and directed co.
Thomas Noone Dance
El Lliure dels nens

January 13

coordinated and directed by Montse Colomé and Anna Llopart

December 22

recital by Xavier Sabata
and Dani Espasa
orchestra Vespres d’Arnadí

January 9

music by Hans Krása
text by Adolf Hoffmeister
co. Els Pirates Teatre & Grup Instrumental bcn216 & Comusitària

23 to 25 January

by John Cassavetes
dramaturgy by Elke Janssens
directed by Jan Lauwers


music by Kris Defoort
text by Laurent Gaudé
artistic direction by Philippe de Coen stage direction by Fabrice Murgia
co. Compagnie Feria Musica

February 14 to March 18

Comfort Me With Apples
by Nell Leyshon
directed by Fernando Bernués

02/16 TO 03/18

dramaturgy and directed by Pablo Messiez
co. La Kompanyia Lliure

April from 5 to 15

de Bárbara Granados y Maria Molins
dirección Joan Maria Segura Bernadas

April 11 to May 12

from Eurípides and Seneca
versioned by Alberto Conejero and Lluís Pasqual 
directed by Lluís Pasqual

from 04/26 to 05/6

created and directed by Agnès Mateus and Quim Tarrida

12 TO 13 MAY

dramaturgy and directed by Clàudia Cedó
co. Escenaris Especials
NOSaltres - mostra de teatre inclusiu

17 TO 19 MAY
lectura dramatitzada

by Jean Racine
directed by Lluís Pasqual
staged reading

25 TO 26 MAY

created by Yaron Lifschitz
with Quatuor Debussy and Circa


collective contribution / dramaturgy and directed by Juan Carlos Martel Bayod
NOSaltres - mostra de teatre inclusiu

7 TO 30 JUNE

text and direction by Lluís Pasqual
co. La Kompanyia Lliure

July from 4 to 30

GREC at the Lliure

Gràcia 17/18

September 14 to October 8

by William Shakespeare
versioned and directed by Pau Carrió
co. La Kompanyia Lliure

26 to 29 October

by Mark Lockyer
directed by Ramin Gray
co. Actors Touring Company

7 to 12 November

stage direction by Moisès Maicas 
coreography by Cesc Gelabert

17 to 19 November

by Jean-Claude Grumberg
directed by Lluís Pasqual
co. La Kompanyia Lliure

1 TO 3 December

by Bruno Fornasari
directed by Lluís Pasqual
co. La Kompanyia Lliure

15 to 17 December

by Anton Txékhov
directed by Lluís Pasqual
co. La Kompanyia Lliure

December 21 to January 14

directed by Martí Torras Mayneris
musical direction by Pep Pascual
co. Rhum i cia.

January 18 to February 4

from the play of
Friedrich Dürrenmatt
dramaturgy and directed by 
Jordi Palet i Puig
co. Farrés brothers i cia.
with Vicky Peña

7 to 25 February

writen and directed by Fabrice Murgia
adapted by Borja Ortiz de Gondra

February 12

staged readings about the Catalan independence process
coordinated by Joan Yago
session directed by Iban Beltran

February 19

staged readings about the catalan independence process
coordinated by Joan Yago
session directed by Iban Beltran

2 to 4 March

created and directed by Alícia Gorina
co. Indi Gest

March 21 to April 22

by Mariana de Althaus
directed by Carol López

10 TO 12 MAY

created and directed by Didier Ruiz
co. La compagnie des Hommes
NOSaltres - mostra de teatre inclusiu


by Yeşim Özsoy
dramaturgy by Carles Batlle
directed by Joan Arqué Solà
NOSaltres - mostra de teatre inclusiu

8 TO 22 JUNE

created and directed by Espai Dual
co. Espai Dual

collaborators of La Kompanyia Lliure

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