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Revolta de bruixes

The girls in La Kompanyia Lliure are making their debut with the famous text by Josep Maria Benet i Jornet, the leading light of contemporary Catalan drama. It was premièred in Barcelona by Josep Montanyès. It returns once again, with Juan Carlos Martel Bayod looking at the revolt through contemporary eyes.

The story of Revolta de bruixes deals with everything that happens to six women and one man during the night of a full moon. They are the brigade responsible for cleaning large characterless venues; he is responsible for the night-time security and control of the same places. The women have a shared collective problem, which will bring them into conflict with the guard, but the problem is almost the only thing that unites them, and that's why the tiny and domestic revolt that happens may take some rather unexpected forms.
To paraphrase the tarot, one might say that the forces of the day are confronted by the forces of the night; the empress is confronted by the high priestess; a rational concept of life is confronted by a vision of the irrational forces that govern our destiny. The problem of the limits of human intelligence, the problem of the internal pain that amorous passion can cause, and the problem of the fear of pain and death gradually become increasingly important and interfere with each other; all of them will ultimately be critical factors in a struggle in which the outcome is nothing more than temporary at the end of the play. Meanwhile, at the edge of the battle, but affecting it, is imagination, the instinct of life, which offer themselves as an alternative. The play does not aim to provide convincing answers. It only aims to raise some disturbing questions, to remind us of some of the aspects of the ideological crisis that surrounds us, and to try to analyse why the witches unexpectedly come to power.
Josep Maria Benet i Jornet Decembre 1981

cast Chantal Aimée Aurora / Clàudia Benito Paulina / Raquel Ferri Dolors / Àurea Márquez Sofia / Xicu Masó guard / Andrea Ros Filomena / Júlia Truyol Rita

setting and costumes Jordi Roig / make up by Ignasi Ruiz / lighting Marc Lleixà / sound Ramon Ciércoles

director assistant Georgina Oliva

set up made by Arts-cenics

produced by Teatre Lliure

with the collaboration of Montibello, Steinhart, Cebado and D'Orleac

thanks to Mercè Serret

show in Catalan and Spanish languages
approximate length 1h. 15' no interval

11/13 debate with the company after the show

performance recommended by the Servei Educatiu del Teatre Lliure

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collaborators of La Kompanyia Lliure

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