Jane Eyre: una autobiografia

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♚ Silverytongue ®♚ (via Twitter)
27/05/2017 03:45
Talia (via Twitter)
¡Qué cosa más hermosa vieron mis ojos hoy! #JaneEyre 😍 https://t.co/9khMc6yLBG
27/05/2017 00:18
Laura Carpenter (via Twitter)
My favourite would have to be don't lock your wife in an attic. Bad things happen when you restrain women #JaneEyre https://t.co/ieF9JZ93K5
26/05/2017 23:56
(An)TonyM (via Twitter)
Finally finished #DonQuixote - launching straight into #JaneEyre #50TopBooks challenge.
26/05/2017 22:32
Renee Lascala (via Twitter)
Poor Obscure Plain Little 🔥 #JaneEyre https://t.co/K5njDk9FAV
26/05/2017 22:23
David Bukowski (via Twitter)
10 Lessons Modern Women Can Learn From #JaneEyre, via bustle: https://t.co/jqRrF4IFVj
26/05/2017 22:17
HarperCollins (via Twitter)
10 Lessons Modern Women Can Learn From #JaneEyre, via @bustle: https://t.co/7MjiQFrm7c
26/05/2017 22:15
Carriages & Corsets (via Twitter)
26/05/2017 21:28
molly (via Twitter)
26/05/2017 21:14
Gwyneira (via Twitter)
Mi opinión de #janeEyre y Cumbres borrascosas en el canal https://t.co/Qv2kZljDFL #BookTuber #Classics #brontë #wutheringsheights
26/05/2017 19:48
B&N Crocker Park (via Twitter)
It's #flashbackfriday at #barnesandnoble. Find out who is laughing in the attic and if the fires are really an acci… https://t.co/ycqIb6td7h
26/05/2017 19:00
Online Puma (via Twitter)
Jane Eyre by Charlotte #Bronte & Cliff Notes study guide Literary notes synopsis #JaneEyre #CharlotteBronte https://t.co/rf22WMiC3x
26/05/2017 18:52
Flaming Anvil Media (via Twitter)
Jane Eyre by Charlotte #Bronte & Cliff Notes study guide Literary notes synopsis #JaneEyre #CharlotteBronte https://t.co/kyIFAWsbSU
26/05/2017 18:52
Science Fan (via Twitter)
Jane Eyre by Charlotte #Bronte & Cliff Notes study guide Literary notes synopsis #JaneEyre #CharlotteBronte https://t.co/FTayk5IxIf
26/05/2017 18:52
Amy-da-fo (via Twitter)
Just watched #JaneEyre. I absolutely loved it. Thrilling and heart-wrenching at the same time. One of my favorites!
26/05/2017 18:42
mila (via Twitter)
26/05/2017 18:34
BACairnsAuthor (via Twitter)
#sunnyafternoon read. And I'm ashamed to admit, I've never read #JaneEyre but will be rectified! #amwriting... https://t.co/w5ePkLpL27
26/05/2017 17:33
BACairnsAuthor (via Twitter)
#sunnyafternoon read. And I'm ashamed to admit, I've never read #JaneEyre but will be rectified! #amwritinghttps://t.co/t1eTbkVltb
26/05/2017 17:33
Morgan - GCSES (via Twitter)
'Explore the turning points of Jane in the extract and in the text of the novel' #GCSEenglishlit #gcseenglishhttps://t.co/o5SWzHTw5L
26/05/2017 15:52
Casey Miller (via Twitter)
#woman #janeeyre I longed for a power of vision which might overpass that limit... and what I… https://t.co/UMmpnGbvQT
26/05/2017 13:18
Ancestor Homes (via Twitter)
#OTD in 1930 Mr Rochester signed an Underlease but unfortunately there's no sign of Miss Eyre! #archive #genealogyhttps://t.co/ZvyA3j6SXO
26/05/2017 13:00
Aquelarre y Más (via Twitter)
Es viernes y toca #LookLiterario 😍👕📚 Imposible elegir una frase de #JaneEyre, así que lucimos… https://t.co/xDnTHZ1aHQ
26/05/2017 12:56
Erickababe (via Twitter)
" I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will. " #JaneEyre
26/05/2017 07:59
Double Treble (via Twitter)
Deep in my secret soul, I stand alone... #theatrethursday #janeeyre @ Los Angeles, California https://t.co/VpFeDhBORK
26/05/2017 02:06
MotherAtTheRubicon (via Twitter)
#TradLife young ladies should read #JaneAusten #JaneEyre #LornaDoone #AnnaKarenina #Odysseus #Classicforareason Complete then repeat...
26/05/2017 00:33
lecturayreflexiones (via Twitter)
②⓪①⑦ Reseña #JaneEyre de #CharlotteBrontë 📙 Publicación: 1847. 👉 La autora permaneció en el anonimato por un... https://t.co/zJmkHYS7ze
25/05/2017 23:00
ησнα (via Twitter)
"You transfix me quite." 💙 #JaneEyre #CharlotteBrontë #FavoriteBooks
25/05/2017 22:47
Ramón Pérez (via Twitter)
25/05/2017 22:43
dilara_beelife (via Twitter)
"i dream..." "Awaken then..." #JaneEyre https://t.co/sR0GbL2Eb2
25/05/2017 19:48
VideoClubTime (via Twitter)
25/05/2017 18:33
Amanda Mason (via Twitter)
Is it wrong to ever so slightly fancy St.John Rivers? #askingforafriend #janeeyre
25/05/2017 17:13
lecturayreflexiones (via Twitter)
②⓪①⑦ ¡Ni idea qué leer 😒 ! #JaneEyre de #CharlotteBrontë 👌 👉 La autora permaneció en el anonimato por un tiempo... https://t.co/pVpeFAC2WI
25/05/2017 16:51
Rebecca Vaughan (via Twitter)
Having fab time @SydWritersFest: great sessions; honoured to be part of it. Now to #JaneEyre. Thanks @michaelamcguire for making it happen!
25/05/2017 09:40
Cris Moné (via Twitter)
Me queda una larga noche terminando mi ensayo de 10 páginas sobre #JaneEyre Menos mal que va de amor y soy una experta en el tema #JAJAJNo.
24/05/2017 22:34
Mi vida entre libros (via Twitter)
Creo que no se puede ser más bonito. #JaneEyre #Clásico https://t.co/xYNkJ6wXjN
24/05/2017 21:27
Troutsdale Farm (via Twitter)
@THEhaddonhall @CultureTrip This looks great for our #janeeyre fan guests .. what a wonderful idea ☺
24/05/2017 19:39
Troutsdale Farm (via Twitter)
For all you #janeEyre fans a @THEhaddonhall treat! this will be great to visit during your stay with us☺ https://t.co/I1nVA4u51x
24/05/2017 19:38
Mark Kouznetsov (via Twitter)
24/05/2017 18:02
Lisa Byrne (via Twitter)
An amazing and truly unique take on #janeEyre @grandoperayork Go see. Great performances. Loved Pilot 🐶🐕🌭 https://t.co/pyG6weLh6G
24/05/2017 16:35
Berenice Bolton (via Twitter)
Pero el señor Rochester 😱😱😱😱 😠😠😠😠 #JaneEyre
24/05/2017 15:57
Berenice Bolton (via Twitter)
Vaya! No me esperaba que se tocase el tema de la salud mental en #JaneEyre, así que ahora me siento así: 😍😊😍😊😍😊😍😊😍😊
24/05/2017 15:56
Berenice Bolton (via Twitter)
Anonadada e indignada me hallo! Pero qué disparate!! #JaneEyre
24/05/2017 15:43
Berenice Bolton (via Twitter)
No, si al final resulta que no te puedes fiar de nadie! Ni de la persona con la que te vas a casar!! POR DIOS!! #JaneEyre
24/05/2017 15:41
Berenice Bolton (via Twitter)
PERO MADRE MÍA!! SE VA A HABÉ UN FOLLÓOOOOON 😱😱😱😱😱. Ya decía yo q el señor Rochester era un malaje y q había sido todo muy fácil! #JaneEyre
24/05/2017 15:40
Dr Deborah Davey (via Twitter)
24/05/2017 12:25
GrandOperaHouseYork (via Twitter)
Remember!!! @janeeyreonstage at #GOH this week starts at 7:15pm on an evening and 2pm on a matinee! Don't be late! #janeeyre #sallycookson
24/05/2017 11:23
Natalia La Terza (via Twitter)
"Il tempo non aveva mutato gli oggetti, ma aveva reso quasi irriconoscibili gli esseri viventi." #CharlotteBrontë, #JaneEyre
24/05/2017 11:10
Erickababe (via Twitter)
24/05/2017 06:14
Erickababe (via Twitter)
' im happy Jane im going home' ' Jane: back to your father? ' " im going back to God" #JaneEyre
24/05/2017 06:12
Erickababe (via Twitter)
'Jane Eyre, the liar ' how fucked up is this one. #janeeyre
24/05/2017 06:07
Joey Dodson (via Twitter)
Time quells the longings of vengeance and hushes the promptings of rage. #JaneEyre
24/05/2017 03:59
Léa Kaiser (via Twitter)
"Jane, petit être étrange presque surnaturel, je vous aime comme ma propre chair." #JaneEyre
23/05/2017 23:43
Roger Tennis (via Twitter)
Here’s What’s #Leaving#Netflix in June 2017: Last call for '#ThisIsSpinalTap', '#JaneEyre', and 'Honey, I Shrunk…… https://t.co/RPWCT3dPCB
23/05/2017 23:08
Berenice Bolton (via Twitter)
No me gusta la actitud del señor Rochester, parece un maltratador en potencia! #JaneEyre
23/05/2017 23:07
Berenice Bolton (via Twitter)
Adèle poniendo en apuros al señor Rochester. Qué 🔝de niña, jajajajaja! #JaneEyre
23/05/2017 22:56
Berenice Bolton (via Twitter)
"Tenía los ojos verdes [...], pero hay que disculparle el error. Para él estaban recién teñidos, supongo." #JaneEyre 🔝y ojos verdes como yo!
23/05/2017 22:29
Berenice Bolton (via Twitter)
¿Ya? ¿Así de fácil? Aquí hay truco, no puede ser que sea tan sencillo. Algo pasará. #JaneEyre
23/05/2017 22:19
KinderGuides (via Twitter)
😍 #Repost @de_adevaratelea ・・・ • Thornfield • #madalinaandronic for #kinderguide to #JaneEyrehttps://t.co/Hsbvr7T4Q0
23/05/2017 22:16
Berenice Bolton (via Twitter)
Cuando mi fobia reconocida y admitida públicamente aparece en #JaneEyre yo ya...
23/05/2017 21:38
Hannah Drake (via Twitter)
23/05/2017 20:47
Berenice Bolton (via Twitter)
"No esperaba temblar de esta manera al verlo, ni perder la voz o la capacidad de moverme en su presencia." Ay, tiernos 18 añitos!😅 #JaneEyre
23/05/2017 20:38
Somhairle Kelly (via Twitter)
New T-shirt/etc. design: The Ghosts of Thornfield Hall. https://t.co/hs1xrsjx7Q #bronte #janeeyre #romantic #notlikethat
23/05/2017 20:35
Traxy (via Twitter)
23/05/2017 18:40
Casey Miller (via Twitter)
Well has Solomon said, 'better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith.' #janeEyre
23/05/2017 14:01
Casey Miller (via Twitter)
#janeeyre life appears to me too short to be spent in nursing animosity or registering wrongs.… https://t.co/TC3JDqGuKW
23/05/2017 13:18
AbbyRose (via Twitter)
23/05/2017 13:14
#deardementia (via Twitter)
Astonishing production of #janeeyre at @grandoperayork @VisitYork @bishyroadnet @Welcome2Yorks Breathtaking! Support great theatre in #York
23/05/2017 10:23
Regi (via Twitter)
Met a Physics professor who had a copy of #JaneEyre in his office. #Intriguing
23/05/2017 07:16
Rin Allen (via Twitter)
TRUTH: I made Tony take this 📷, so I could have a "@jes_chastain moment". 😂💁🏻💋🖋 #lastshow #autographs #PR #janeeyre https://t.co/6Cgu5tJ2SV
23/05/2017 05:17
Moreland (via Twitter)
#ManCandyMonday #Tall #dark #handsome #brooding Just the type of guy I find myself falling for. #MrRochester from… https://t.co/H9YvwUjtH1
23/05/2017 02:02
Mere (via Twitter)
Listening to #JaneEyre on audiobook and remembering why I despise both Mrs. Reed and Mr. Brocklehurst so utterly
23/05/2017 00:46
Fullmetal Humanist ⚜ (via Twitter)
Might be I confused it with "I must keep in good health and not die." Which is from #JaneEyre. https://t.co/99Og9HFBxP
23/05/2017 00:27
Fullmetal Humanist ⚜ (via Twitter)
for the life of me I can't find that scene. I thought it was from #JaneEyre, but I can't find it looking under that title. I do remember...
23/05/2017 00:14
Caren Glasser (via Twitter)
A Contemporary Retelling Of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre: Re Jane: A Novel - #JaneEyre https://t.co/JUpcLjzdzH https://t.co/RPozcSTQoK
23/05/2017 00:00
Jessica Lark (via Twitter)
22/05/2017 23:27
Simon Kewin (via Twitter)
22/05/2017 20:07
Catherine (via Twitter)
Me reading the extract then reading the question #aqaenglishlit #JaneEyre #RomeoAndJuliet https://t.co/RzkV3exkSK
22/05/2017 19:38
Sharon Collett (via Twitter)
I've just had a lit-chat with a pupil about #JaneEyre. Made my day (poor boy - he didn't know about my 19th C obsession!) 👏😂
22/05/2017 18:49
Ash (via Twitter)
22/05/2017 18:42
Lisa Byrne (via Twitter)
Press night of #JaneEyre #excited I know I'm more of a Cathy than Jane but looks amazing (maybe I'm more of a Berth… https://t.co/5y7fzbYoDL
22/05/2017 18:11
ExamConditions (via Twitter)
@matthewminikin The only thing 'lit' about #AQAEnglishLit was Thornfield Hall after Bertha Rochester's escape #JaneEyre
22/05/2017 16:39
deb kom skaikru ✺ (via Twitter)
44. Michael Fassbender ●02/04/77● - german-born irish actor - ginger+blue eyes - my fav edward rochester #janeeyrehttps://t.co/FRO54XKNU5
22/05/2017 16:34
✨🥀lauren (via Twitter)
when you see the extract vs when you see the question #aqaenglish #aqaenglishlit #janeeyre https://t.co/3Gtieknwwi
22/05/2017 16:03
Casey Miller (via Twitter)
I had read "History of Rome" and had formed my opinion of Nero, Caligula, etc. also I had drawn parallels in silence. #janeEyre
22/05/2017 15:09
Elton Townend Jones (via Twitter)
https://t.co/FsWgUtpdnG May 22-28 @SydWritersFest Australia @_RebeccaVaughan performs my 5★ hit #JaneEyre An Autobi… https://t.co/zCItLAzJuX
22/05/2017 13:27
whatsonnortheast.com (via Twitter)
Want to WIN two tickets to see the stunning new adaptation of #JaneEyre at @TheatreRoyalNew? Find out how here:… https://t.co/utzia1VG1c
22/05/2017 13:23
Dyad Productions (via Twitter)
May 22-28 @eltownendjones' 5★ #JaneEyre An Autobiography performed by @_RebeccaVaughan at @SydWritersFest Australia… https://t.co/tPIAlgDWeh
22/05/2017 13:13
✨🥀lauren (via Twitter)
Jane Eyre isn't a victim, i am. #aqaenglish #aqaenglishlit #janeeyre
22/05/2017 12:37
LibriPdf (via Twitter)
Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë era la maggiore delle tre sorelle Brontë, tutte autrici di... https://t.co/GOEtnkfNvB #bronte #janeeyre
22/05/2017 11:27
McLean-Williams Ltd (via Twitter)
Today @NationalTheatre UK Tour of #JaneEyre with @DamiSoda123 is moving to @grandoperayork until May 27th https://t.co/lTVQjtpYvT
22/05/2017 10:00
Alex McLean-Williams (via Twitter)
Today @NationalTheatre UK Tour of #JaneEyre with @DamiSoda123 is moving to @grandoperayork until May 27th https://t.co/oJgU5wQW8y
22/05/2017 10:00
Emily Jane 👼🏻 (via Twitter)
If they ask about something easy like pathetic fallacy or gothic themes I'm gonna be so happy #janeeyre #ocrenglish
22/05/2017 08:41
Loumex Marco 🐒 (via Twitter)
Anche #janeEyre è scappata per non soffrire. Ferita e tradita dall'uomo che amava... non è servito ma in quel momento non aveva alternative
22/05/2017 01:03
Franca B.B. 🌹 (via Twitter)
Esercizio e molta aria fresca. Dicono che sia la cura per ogni cosa - #JaneEyre
22/05/2017 00:02
Michele ✌ (via Twitter)
Watching #JaneEyre ....#rai5
21/05/2017 23:52
Chiara Capuano ن (via Twitter)
Uuuuuh #JaneEyre su #Rai5!!!!
21/05/2017 23:49
Cornflake B O I (via Twitter)
Tra poco inizia #janeeyre o okay Visto che il libro mi ha già distrutto il cuore in passato ora tocca al film
21/05/2017 23:01
Berenice Bolton (via Twitter)
Tanta gloria lleve como paz deja. #JaneEyre
21/05/2017 22:39

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