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Davant la jubilació

A key text by the playwright Thomas Bernhard based on true events. Fascism, revisited by Krystian Lupa. Extremely topical. Implacable.

Barcelona Crític's Prices 2016 to the Best Show, Best Prime Actress to Marta Angelat and Best Sound Space to Roger Ábalos.

Bernhard's portrait of a family poisoned by Nazism; a wide range of symptoms, a sick and crippled humanity.
It is no longer an ideology, or a historic monster, but instead a spiritual disease of mankind.
All human feelings, values and aspirations are infected by this virus.
It is no longer a lack of morality, the amputation of goodness, but instead of sick and crippled morality, falsified goodness.
The profound illness of contemporary man, which creates disabled individuals according to Thomas Bernhard's diagnosis.
Brothers affected by the virus of the modern mutation of Nazism, cloistered in a falsified family existence, in a confined and suffocating prison that they themselves have created and which they guard, which exudes hatred, fear and the impossibility of being happy.
Krystian Lupa

cast Marta Angelat Clara / Mercè Aránega Vera / Pep Cruz Rudolf

translation from the German Eugeni Bou / setting and lighting Krystian Lupa / costumes Piot Skiba / video and artistical collaboration Łukasz Twarkowski / sound space Roger Ábalos

director assistant Paula Blanco / lighting assistant Jordi Thomàs / video assistant Martín Elena / Polish language translator Xavier Farré / piano Blanca Soler / technical coordination Titín Custey / stage manager Maria Miralda / lighting technician Jordi Fuster / sound technician Manel Palahí / dressmaker CarmePuigdevalliPlantéS / video recording Nanouk Films / management assistant Sergi Gómez / management Macarena García / head management Nati Sarriá / management director Josep Domènech

set up made by Escenografia Moia s.l. / costumes made by Sastreria Caireta Barcelona and Elisa Echegaray

co-produced by Teatre Lliure and Temporada Alta - Festival de Tardor de Catalunya Girona/Salt

the text rights belongs to Suhrkamp Verlag GMB

show in Catalan language
length first part 1h. 15' / interval 15' / second part 50' / interval 25' / third part 45'

01/15 debate with the company after the show

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collaborators of La Kompanyia Lliure

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